Hes searching, but hes lonely, and hes hurting, but hes only, Waiting for a chance just in time to live a life.


Cardigan - Primark/ Crop Top - Topshop/ Mom Jeans - eBay/ Boots - Dr. Martens/ Blossom Ring - Pandora. Labradite Ring - Ann Angel/ Bracelet - Rhodes

This belated for yesterday. I got these Jeans through from eBay and I just couldn't wait to wear them I've wanted a pair of Mom Jeans for ages but couldn't justify £40 at Topshop. I tend to go to Topshop for Jeans cause I know they fit me the way I want. I got this pair for £20 of eBay it felt like such a bargain especially as they were brand new.
I wanted to the have the jeans with my Dr Martens and they were it with this top and cardigan to give a feminine feel. 

Fire in the Twilight - Wang Chung

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