We're A Few Weeks In


So we are a few weeks into 2014 and it already feels like I've done a lot. I'm back at work now but Ian and I have managed to become quite busy.  We went to my cousins and celebrated her 19th Birthday, we celebrated our 4th Anniversary and we've been trying to organise our engagement celebrations. A long with various other things. It may not seem like a lot but for us it is. Our year has started off quite social which I believe is the start of a very social year. As we've already been invited to an engagement party, a Wedding Reception, a 50th Anniversary meal, 80th Birthday party and a 1st Birthday party. Along with this we also have our own Engagement Meal coming up. Which I'm really excited about (there will be another post to follow about that). 
Although we're only a few weeks into the year I've enjoyed it and I hope it's the start of what's to come and I really do look forward to the rest of 2014. 
I hope 2014 is a great year for you guys too.

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